Pilates Fitness Training ~In addition to conditioning your entire body, will teach you about proper body alignment, posture, breathing, and how to have more control of your body. It will help you gain more awareness and control of your intrinsic muscles as well as your global movers. It will help you increase your core strength as well as your flexibility.

There is practically no limit to the continued improvement you will achieve as you practice Pilates. The variety of exercises insure constant challenge to the body and brain. Pilates can be practiced on a Mat or using various pieces of apparatus originally designed by Joseph Pilates. The Reformer, Trapeze Table, Tower, Chair or Ladder Barrel. Many of these use combinations of either springs and/or a pulley system to create resistance, to isolate and train specific muscles in the body.

Pilates is ideal for anyone continuing to rehab from their injuries. Private instruction is recommended before coming into any of the pilates group classes with some exceptions.  Appointments are mostly scheduled in the studio, but can also be offered through Skype or Zoom for you in your own setting.

**Please note that some of the classes listed may not currently be offered on our schedule.

Pilates Basics on the Mat – This is a beginning Pilates mat class that focuses on what you need to know as a beginning student. No equipment is involved, some props may be used. Great class to take as a precursor to a beginning reformer class, for someone just getting back into exercise, or for someone wanting a more basic class. Detail to proper biomechanics and breath.

Pilates on the Mat ~ Discover your strengths and weaknesses. This class is for full-body conditioning emphasizing core strength, flexibility, and breath.  A variety of props such as balls, foam rolls, bands, or magic circles may be used.  For all levels.

Pilates Reformer Level I  ~ A class on the Reformer that focuses on full-body conditioning, core strength, flexibility, and breath. You will move through basic exercises on the Reformer, and Chair and Tower may be used as well. Close attention is paid to proper body alignment.

Pilates Reformer Lev I/II  ~ A class on the Reformer that focuses on full-body conditioning, core strength, flexibility and breath. This class requires that you already have  knowledge of the basic Reformer exercises and are ready for more challenge. This class may utilize the Chair and Tower and Pilates Arcs as well. Close attention on proper body alignment.

TRX Training  ~ Helps you increase over all muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. It benefits people of all levels from beginners to pro-athletes. Using TRX straps which are secured and hanging from the ceiling, you leverage your own body weight which allows you to control how much challenge to give yourself. Props may be used along with the TRX!

Dance fusion ~ Nia Class 


A fun, cardiovascular and sensory-based movement class incorporating different dance forms, martial art movements and Floor Play (Yoga, Pilates, stretching). Each class offers a unique combination of movements and music that condition and energize the whole body. Bring a Mat and water bottle if desired. Floor/mat portion of the class at the end runs last 10 minutes of the class. Usually done Barefoot, but soft soled shoes are recommended depending on outside or inside use. All levels – no experience necessary.